2021 Extended Tax Court Bar Review

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Moderated by
The Honorable Judge John F. Dean
Former Special Trial Judge
United States Tax Court
"Joni Larson wrote the book on Tax Evidence"

JANUARY 16 | 23 | 30 | 2021

Privileges •  Impeachment • Hearsay • Authentication •
Credibility • Witnesses • Expert Testimony • Opinions • 

Dial-in to three consecutive Saturday sessions led by Author and former IRS Tax Litigator - Professor Joni Larson - and with judicial contributions from former Tax Court Judge John F. Dean. Join us on January 16, 23, and 30. Hear these top experts discuss the Federal Rules of Evidence as Applied by the Tax Court. Joni Larson's book, A Practitioner's Guide to Tax Evidence 2nd Edition, is included free + free online study module where you can test yourself and get correct answers to problematic Nonattorney Exam questions you are likely to see in November. Register by Thursday, January 7, 2021 if you want to have your free book delivered before the first class.

Week 1 - General Provisions - Judicial Notice - Presumptions - Relevance - Privileges
Week 2 - Witnesses and Impeachment - Opinions and Expert Testimony - Rule Against Hearsay and Exceptions
Week 3 - Exceptions to Rule Against Hearsay - Attacking and Supporting Declarant's Credibility - Authentication and Identification - Contents of Writings

Fee $995

Awards 9 CE Credits

Look for the soon-to-publish soft-cover, pocket guide to Tax Court admission and practice. Prepared exclusively for FATPs. The Guide to Admission and Practice in U.S. Tax Court $149 written by Michael Stuart J.D. M.P.A., Program Director at the Tax Law Institute, with foreword by James H. Chapman E.A. M.A. M.P.A. and introduction written by Judge John F. Dean, J.D. LL.M., former special trial judge of the U.S. Tax Court. And with chapter contributions from Joni Larson J.D. LL.M., law professor and former IRS litigator who "wrote the book" on Tax Evidence; and observations written by 2021 tax bar applicants, Rod Monger E.A. Ph.D. M.B.A. and Christopher Keleher M. Sc. Taxation  M. Sc. Mgmt. This soon-to-publish guidebook is a "must read" for any tax professional who is thinking about applying for admission to practice in U.S. Tax Court.

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