2020 Non-Attorney Exam



"Let a Distinguished Retired US Tax Court Juge
coach you to pass the 2020 Non-attorney Exam and
become a Member of the Bar United States Tax Court"

Live Event
Ave Maria School of Law, Naples FL

July 14, 2019 - July 21, 2019
Opening Session & Luxury Vacation Week
with Accommodations at Ritz Carlton Naples Beach FL

"Absolutely 12-15 months of study required to pass... Our acclaimed Non-attorney Exam Prep Program is introduced methodically [live and electronically] by a Distinguished Retired Tax Court judge and Teaching Faculty. It will ready you for the detailed November 2020 Exam, the questions of which are written by a sitting Tax Court judge appointed each Testing Cycle by the Chief Judge of the Court."

US Tax Court Non-Attorney Exam Prep
with Judicial Coaching

Retired Member of the Judiciary
United States Tax Court
Washington DC

Pay only $11,995 for all three events that includes the 7-day Opening Session & Vacation Week
and the Virtual Lecture & Conference Series plus the Wash DC Pre-Exam Workshops 
35% down payment required
10% surcharge for 12-month payment plan

Enroll in all three events or a single program, please see "Program"
See drop-down list for the respective program "Itinerary" attached to this webpage

Our Guarantee
"If you enroll in our 2020 Non-attorney Exam Preparation Program and do not pass then you may retake,
free-of-charge, the 2022 US Tax Court Exam Prep Program's Virtual Lecture & Conference Series"

Members of the Bar United States Tax Court
Trial and Settlement

Inquire 1.888.317.4489

Please join us on July 14, 2019 thru July 21, 2019 to begin studying for the November 2020 US Tax Court Non-attorney Exam. A Distinguished Retired US Tax Court Judge and other Exam preparers will coach you to master each of the tested subjects. You'll spend five days learning how to pass. The rest of the time we hope that you will enjoy the Ritz Carlton Naples (akin to a Mediterranean Spa) where our Host has chosen to accommodate you. Bring a spouse and make improving your practice a romantic event. Fine restaurants can be found in the Hotel or nearby.

Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Naples

Ave Maria School of Law, founded in 1999, is an ABA-accredited Roman Catholic law school, located in Naples, Florida. The Law School offers a full-time three year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program that complements a traditional legal education based on the Socratic Method with an emphasis on how the law intersects with the Catholic intellectual tradition and natural law philosophy. The curriculum of Ave Maria School of Law includes a three-semester Research, Writing and Advocacy Program as well as several required courses that focus on law and ethics. The school also offers various summer courses. Ave Maria devotes four core classes to the interrelationship between law, ethics, and Catholic moral and social principles. Ave Maria Law was named the country's most devout Catholic Law School by Pre-Law Magazine for the past three years. Ave Maria Law was also named a Veteran Military-Friendly Law School, the Most Conservative Law School, and was in The Princeton Review for Top Law Schools.                                   

Courtsey of Ave Maria School of Law

Photo of Courtroom above Courtesy of US Tax Court