5-Star Reviews


Monica C.
Atlanta, GA

I would recommend Tax Law Institute (TLI) for those seeking a top-flight preparation course for the United States Tax Court Practitioner Exam. I am not aware of another program which can offer an instructional cadre of which includes an Ivy League law professor, US Tax Court judges, several 25+ yr tax practitioners [sic] (and USTC admitted), and recognized authors within the legal profession, as instructors and mentors.

Highly recommend this program to those preparing for the U.S. Tax Court Bar Exam.

Sally S.
Manhattan, NY
Great preparation for tax court [sic] exam and great advice on IRS issues.  A Must!

Kurt F.
Tampa, FL

So, [sic] you're a CPA or an EA and you're [sic] looking for a review course for the United States Tax Court [sic] Non-attorney Exam, well [sic] have I got a review course for you!

Check out the Tax Law Institute review course. Your instructors are attorneys, tax court judges, and legal authors.

Everyone wants you to succeed and be successful. During lectures they encourage people to ask questions and actually require individuals read the questions and then formulate an answer which is discussed between all of the participants.

You are told what to read and how [sic] to prepare for each class, which by the way is all done via telephone conferencing making it very convenient to attend.

The Program [sic] Administrator, Mr. Stuart, answers emails very promptly and makes enrollment quick and easy.

The tuition is in line with all of the other review courses out there, but they offer a one-week intensive review in Washington D.C. prior to the actual exam.

I feel I am being well prepared for the exam.


Enroll now and see you in November 2020.

Kurt Fredricks, EA, and one happy student!

Cindy L.
San Francisco, CA

TLI helped me prepare for the difficult tax court exam, in [sic] which I did extremely well!  The one-on-one [sic] prep sessions as well as counsel with tax court [sic] judges was excellent.  The staff was excellent and Prof [sic] Stuart was most helpful! Thank you all!

Richard C.
Swansea, MA


The Tax Law Institute did a great job advising me on my federal tax debt. I have a great deal of confidence in the the CPA [sic] who advised me and I will be working with him to resolve my tax issues.