By completing the form below you are letting us know of your interest in our program. And you are giving yourself an opportunity to speak to us about how our program may or may not be a good fit to your career.

Someone will contact you to discuss the program, approve your enrollment, collect your PTIN, and process your payment or payment plan. You may also call us.

  • Our live event in Fall 2019 is held at The Faculty Club in Cambridge MA.
  • Our groups are small and seating is limited.


Please take note that we reserve a block of rooms for all events, where we offer meals and overnight stays.

We recommend that you reserve early, if you wish to stay in The Faculty Club. Only 12 guest bedrooms are available.
  • Otherwise, registrants enjoy sleep accommodations only at the Sheraton Commander, just across the street from The Yard and a short walk to The Faculty Club. All meals should be taken at the FC, if included in the registration tier.

  •  Call 1.800.513.1598 between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST

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