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Professional Tax Practice Program
IRS Approved Continuing Profession Education Program for persons with no prior knowledge of taxes...

What to Expect...

The Professional Tax Practice Program is a two-phase, career-building program designed specifically for adults, military veterans, disabled persons looking to retrain and retool, and transitioning lay persons who wish to begin a career in Federal tax but have no knowledge or prior experience in tax matters. Individuals are admitted on a rolling basis subject to Faculty evaluation and approval and may start the program at any time thereafter.

Phase I
  • segmented classes that may be completed over the course of one and two years.
  • leads to designations as an enrolled agent of the Internal Revenue Service and United States Tax Court Practitioner (see "FAQ")
  • first segment - Enrolled Agent training and licensing - takes approximately 1 year to complete.
  • second segment -  United States Tax Court Practitioner (Non-attorney) Bar Preparation - takes approximately 6 months to complete.
We provide tutorial support to all jointly enrolled participants throughout their term of study

Phase II
  • begins after the individual completes the two segments in Phase I.
  • newly-admitted United Sates Tax Court Practitioner is deemed eligible to begin preparation (Apprenticeship Program) for practice before the U.S. Tax Court, "who having passed a qualifying Federal bar examination ("U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination"), and who has been  admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court with all privileges and benefits enjoyed by a state-licensed attorney.

U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Exam Requirement
  • A mandatory four-part, 4-hour written federal bar examination is administered once every other year by the U.S. Tax Court. Successful exam applicants must submit to a moral character evaluation before they can be "admitted to practice" before the U.S. Tax Court". Evaluations are performed by the FBI.
Admission to the U.S. Tax Court Bar
  • The Non-attorney Examination is administered every two years in Washington DC. The test applicant prepares by taking the Non-attorney Exam Preparation Program - a 6-month program. The program is offered in real-time and focuses on tax law subjects that are tested on the U.S. Tax Court non-attorney exam. Notice of success or failure is sent in April of the following year. Those offered bar admission are subject first to FBI background checks.

Please take notice...
  • All Tax Law Institute courses and programs are registered and approved IRS continuing professional education required to become an IRS Special Enrolled Agent and United States Tax Court Practitioner.
IRS and UASL Requirements
  • 1 year or more of preparation and training to qualify to take S.E.E. to become an IRS Special Enrolled Agent
  • 6-months of additional training to qualify to take U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination to be "admitted to practice" before the U.S. Tax Court.
Eligible Applicants
  • high school seniors and recent high school graduates
  • unemployed and underemployed individuals
  • military veterans
  • college students
  • MBAs and MSTs
  • graduate students
  • transitioning lay persons
Examination Requirements
  1. Special Enrollment Examination aka "SEE" - administered annually as three-part examination and required to obtain IRS approval to practice as an IRS Special Enrolled Agent
  2. U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination - administered once every two years as four-part examination that requires a 70% passing score in each part and moral character compliance
Warning - FBI Background Check Required
  • All successful exam candidates for IRS Special Enrolled Agent and U.S. Tax Court Practitioner must pass a background check administered by the IRS, or United States Tax Court and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Note to Disabled Persons
This program is strongly recommended for persons with disabilities who want to retrain or retool. Please contact your local disability representative.

For further information, please write to or call 1.888.317.4489

Call us at 1.888.317.4489

For more information about our conferences, programs, ABA law school tax certification, forums and admissions criteria, write to or telephone our Call Center at 1.888.317.4489. We offer scholarship assistance to high school seniors and college students who demonstrate an interest in preparing for a career as a Tax Preparer, IRS Special Enrolled Agent, or United States Tax Court Practitioner.
We also provide financial assistance to those preparing to become CPAs who also have an interest in federal tax practice or practice before the U.S. Tax Court as United States Tax Court Practitioners. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities available at the Tax Law Institute. We offer liberal payment plans and many scholastic opportunities.