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Authored by renowned expert practitioners in the field of partnership taxation and planning, Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners, Fourth Edition, is the source for clear, accurate, and comprehensive analysis of the rules governing U.S. income taxation of transactions involving partners and partnerships.

Cited and relied upon by the federal courts in more than 70 decisions and the IRS in more than 40 rulings, this Treatise provides:

  • The most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of the tax rules applicable to partnerships and their partners (and to limited liability companies and their members)

  • Strategic advice on how to apply these rules to achieve the best tax results

  • In-depth explanations of the partnership tax rules along with sophisticated planning strategies, all organized in a transactional format that tracks the various stages of partnership activities through the partnership life cycle (formation, operations, mergers, and liquidations)

  • Numerous examples and illustrations that apply extremely complex tax rules to real life situations

  • Frequent supplementation that arms subscribers with the most current guidance and innovative strategies in the partnership tax area

Teaching Faculty

This electronic course is led by Professor Joni Larson, noted author of several texts on Partnership Taxation. Professor Larson is former Co-Director of the Graduate Tax Program at Cooley Law School and former judicial clerk to Judge Irene Scott of the U.S. Tax Court. After she left the Tax Court she joined the Office of Chief Counsel as a tax litigator in the Austin, Texas, District Counsel Office. She spent several years with the Passthroughs and Special Industries Branch of the Field Service Division of the National Office and, after the reorganization, worked in the Small Business/Self-Employed Division. She is currently Visiting Professor Law at the Tax Law Institute.

Former U.S. Tax Court Special Trial Judge John F. Dean, Visiting Professor Law and Distinguished-Speaker-in-Residence at the Tax Law Institute will assist as will Counsel L.B. Carpenter, CPA, Member of the U.S. Tax Court Bar and Certified U.S. Tax Court Litigator, and also Lecturer-in-Residence at the Tax Law Institute.

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Offered electronically Spring 2020

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