Document Preparation

Petitions, Motions, and Post-trial Briefs

  • work with our acclaimed Teaching Faculty composed of a former law professor, seasoned IRS Enrolled Agent, and retired U.S. Tax Court judge who provide step-by-step instructions via real-time telephonic conferencing
  • learn how to prepare and write taxpayer petitioners' (clients) petitions, motions, memoranda of law, motions in limine, stipulations, and post-trial briefs

This program is not open to any one previously certified by TLI in Pre-trial Tax Litigation Support for Docketed Appeals, who would then be deemed engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL).

  • practice writing petitions
  • perform legal and tax research for litigation purposes
  • practice writing motions and replies
  • practice writing memoranda of law
  • practice negotiating and writing stipulations
  • practice writing post-trial briefs
  • judge's review and consultation
Fee: $1,500 USD
For further information, please contact or call 1.888.317.4489

Call us at 1.888.317.4489

We also provide financial assistance to those preparing to be CPAs who have an interest in Federal tax practice or practice before the U.S. Tax Court as United States Tax Court Practitioners. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities available at the Tax Law Institute and University of Alabama School of Law Graduate Tax Program. We offer liberal payment plans and many scholastic opportunities.