National Media Campaign


30-Second Spot Television Commercial
Promote the Tax Law Institute's
2020 US Tax Court Exam Prep Program
Naples FL Campus of Ave Maria School of Law

"CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Become a Member of the US Tax Court Bar, without attending law school. Join us this summer for a live preparation program led by a Tax Court judge on the beautiful Gulf Coast, from July 14th thru July 21st, at Ave Maria School of Law's Campus in Naples FL. This course will prepare you to pass next year's Non-Attorney Exam. Relax on the white sands beaches during your stay at the Ritz Carlton. Call 888.317.4489 or visit us at Tax-Law-Institute-dot-com." 

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Tax Court

Call 1.888.317.4489

Our Guarantee

"If you enroll in our Complete 2020 Non-attorney Exam Preparation Program and do not pass then you may retake, free-of-charge, the 2022 Virtual Lecture & Conference Series©, that includes the Federal Bar Review©."

"Or, you may enroll in our Virtual Pre-Exam Crash Course aka Federal Bar Review©, offered two months prior to the Nov 2020 Exam. Only eight (8) sessions, the course covers all tested subjects and provides the basic skills set required to pass the Non-attorney Exam. You may retake it in 2022, free-of-charge, in the event that you are unsuccessful during the 2020 administration of the Exam."

"You may also sign up for Mock Testing at Harvard© and/or the Federal Bar Review at Harvard©, offered live during Oct 2020. And of course, the same Guarantee would apply (excepting Accommodations and Meals). If you do not pass then you may retake, free-of-charge, Mock Testing and/or the Review next Testing Cycle in 2022.
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