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Meet "LB" Carpenter, CPA, PA, USTCP, Miami FL. He completed TLI's 2016 US Tax Court Non-attorney Bar Admissions Exam Prep Program and TLI's 2017 US Tax Court Apprenticeship Program. He was admitted to the US Tax Court Bar in 2017. Initially, he partnered with a local attorney to provide pre-trial tax litigation support. LB has increased billable hours of his CPA practice since becoming United States Tax Court Practitioner, all due to inquiring attorneys who seek consultation or true expert witness testimony. LB understands both the litigation side and accounting side of civil tax controversies that are heard by the US Tax Court. During the 2018 Testing Cycle he lectured USTCP bar candidates. In April 2017, after receiving his "pass" letter from the Court, LB wrote the following testimonial to the Chair of the Teaching Faculty, " Good news came in the mail today. They say I passed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Without your help and diligence in feeding this information to our brains, I just don't know... Please thank the Judge as well. I really appreciated his help as well as yours."

LB's Testimonial of TLI's Proven Approach to Successfully Ensuring You Pass the Tested Subjects

  • "...most classes were moderated by recently retired US Tax Court Special Trial Judge who perviously worked in Office of the IRS District Counsel..."
  • "...a retired law professor and tax evidentiary scholar guided us through Joni Larson's book on Tax Evidence and the Judge reinforced the principles while going over questions and solutions to prior exam sections on Evidence..."
  • "...a CPA and recently admitted Member of the Bar United States Tax Court explained his practice as an UTCP..."
  • "...we discussed everything there is to know for the Exam about litigation practice before the Court
  • "...we practiced answering exam questions right up to the day before the Exam and were coached by the US Tax Court Judge and Faculty..."
  • "...the Judge and Faculty followed-up with all the test candidates one week after the Exam to hear about the questions that appeared..."
  • "...the Faculty was always available by phone to discuss any learning issues we might have..."
  • "...the virtual classes met every Saturday for 6 months for two-three hours and made it very convenient to study..."
  • "...we learned that in Tax Court legal reasoning is based upon the interpretation of the Code and published summary opinions and the evidence admitted into the record at trial..."
  • "...we learned Legal Ethics and the US Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure from the Judge and Faculty
  • "... we learned a lot about legal reasoning by reading published Opinions and the underlying cases..."
  • "...we learned the Rules and Procedures of the US Tax Court so well that I was able to correctly answer the questions in that Exam section without doubt..."
  • "...the Judge and law professor meticulously explained pleadings, motions, and pre-trial and trial proceedings..."
  • "...most importantly, we learned time management so I was able to complete all test questions within the 4 hours..."
  • "...we practiced taking and writing notes to solve exam questions in long-hand so my hands didn't cramp after 4 hrs..."
  • "...we reviewed old exam questions and discussed answers with the Judge and it made the difference in my passing..."
  • "...we learned how to read, read, read, all assigned materials several times..."
  • "...we practiced solving questions so often that we learned early on how much we really didn't know..."
  • "...the best part of the entire program was that we were coached by an US Tax Court judge who knew everything..."
  • "...want to know more about my experience then contact TLI and they'll put us in touch with each other..."

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