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"Most classes were moderated by then-recently retired US Tax Court Special Trial Judge John Dean, who had previously served in both the domestic and international offices of the Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service. A retired law professor who specialized in Federal tax evidence guided me through the Joni Larson book on Tax Evidence while the Judge reinforced the principles and taught me how to apply the FRE. A CPA and then recently admitted USTCP told me what it was like when he got his first big case. He covered the practical and every day side of Federal tax litigation practice. He spoke to me on two occasions. He went over every thing that he remembered when he took the exam. Afterwards, I continued with the training right up to the day before the 2016 Non-attorney Exam. Overall, I have to say that I received top-shelf coaching from the Judge and Faculty."

Litigation Support & Advisory

"If the matter concerns Federal taxes and litigation then you should be talking to us 1.800.513.1598"
  • US Tax Court® is a specialty group of certified litigation and tax advisory professionals with practice criteria limited to litigation of domestic and international Federal civil tax matters in the United States Tax Court.
  •® is an affiliate of the Tax Law Institute, an IRS Approved Provider of Continuing Professional Education for CPAs and IRS Special Enrolled Agents.
  • The mission is to provide professional, low cost, litigation and support services to the Attorneys, CPAs, and EAs who represent US and foreign taxpayers before the IRS and US Tax Court.
  • The Litigation and Advisory Staff includes CPAs who are also US Tax Court Practitioners and an US Tax Court Trial Attorney. They are advised by a retired Distinguished US Tax Court Judge. Non-Bar Staff provides Research Support. Case Management is done by a Law Professor Emeritus focused entirely on published Tax Court Opinions, Partnership Agreements, Federal Tax Accounting, and federal tax evidentiary issues. He is assisted by a Law Clerk (LLM), IRS Special Enrolled Agent, and a retired IRS Revenue Agent who specialized in returns examinations and IRS evidence collections for litigation. 

Practicing with US Tax Court®

Tax Law Institute
Wishes to Express its Appreciation to Ave Maria School of Law for Hosting the 2020 Testing Cycle of the Tax Law Institute's Non-attorney Exam Prep Program.

2020 US Tax Court Non-Attorney [Bar Admissions] Exam Preperation Program
Moderated by The Distinguished and Honorable US Tax Court Judge John F. Dean
Sponsored by US Tax Court®, Certified US Tax Court Litigators®

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The Best Kept Secret...

Few people are aware that there is a way for a person with training in tax preparation, tax accounting, or in the general practice of law to become expert in Federal tax litigation. After passing a 4-hour exam and an FBI background check, an individual would be permitted to "represent" taxpayers before a Federal specialty court responsible for handling tax controversies of US or foreign citizens and the IRS. Such persons are known as "United States Tax Court Practitioners" and they enjoy the same privileges that a State-licensed attorney does when practicing law before a State or Federal tribunal to which they are admitted. But those priviliges are exclusive ONLY to the United States Tax Court.

And what's even more fascinating is that US Tax Court Practitioner may practice in any State in the United States and its territories, or wherever the US Tax Court holds session. This means that unlike a person who attends a state-approved law school, then sits for a State bar exam that permits him/her to become licensed to practice law within the respective State (jurisdiction), the United States Tax Court Practitioner can accept a tax case in Oregon today, and another in Florida tomorrow because as Federal tax practitioners they can practice anywhere within the US or its territories. Their only requirement is to be sure he/she can appear to represent their client at the time and place of the tax trial.

If it's a small tax ("S") case, the Practitioner may not need to appear in Tax Court because the Court can resolve the case administratively and report the results electronically. The point being that the US. Tax Court Practitioner can practice tax litigation (resolve tax controversies) in...

The United States Tax Court Practitioner Demystified

"USTCP" is the professional designation for an individual who has been examined and "admitted to practice" as an United States Tax Court Practitioner and is deemed to be a "Member of the Bar of the United States Tax Court."

"USTCP" who has successfully completed the "Litigation of Federal Tax Controversies Lecture Series at Harvard©", administered by the Tax Law Institute's US Trial Practice Program, is so designated, "Certified US Tax Court LItigator®." Such an individual is deemed by the Tax Law Institute to possess the necessary qualifications and skills set to engage in competent litigation practice before the Court. 

What can USTCP's do?

United States Tax Court Practitioners are specifically authorized to represent taxpayers before the United States Tax Court at all administrative and legal levels. But only attorneys are authorized to take TC appeals to the US Court of Appeals.

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Our Guarantee
"If you enroll in any program and do not pass the Non-attorney Exam then you may retake the program, free-of-charge, during the next Testing Cycle."

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