Small and Regular U.S. Tax Court Cases
  Presented  by  former U.S. Tax Court judge

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Case Management Training
  • gain proficiency in prosecution of small and regular cases, e.g. prepare petitions (pleadings), motions, memoranda, and post-trial briefs
  • obtain trial practice and administrative guidance for regular cases or "S" cases, i.e., small tax cases, where the Federal Fules of Evidence may not apply
  • practice trial advocacy and discuss how rulings are made
  • brief U.S. Tax Court cases under supervision of U.S. Tax Court judge (retired) and discuss the legal reasoning that underlie the rulings
  • individual "help sessions" with the judge and Teaching Faculty (where needed)

Fee - $2,500 (plus, $750 fee judicial advisory)

Opinions and Rulings in Recent Tax Cases

  • comprehensive coverage of opinions and rulings of U.S. Tax Court issued within the last 12 months
Litigation Practice in U.S. Tax Court
  • procedural nuances peculiar to civil tax litigation in U.S. Tax Court

Tax Evidence

  • learn how the Federal Rules of Evidence (know as "Tax Evidence") apply in  US Tax Court cases         

Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure

  • learn the realities of administrative (S-cases, e.g. small tax cases) and trial practice in U.S. Tax Court
Code of Conduct for United States Judges
  • an in-depth examination and study of the do's and don'ts' for judges of the U.S. Tax Court.

How to Write Petitions, Motions, Memoranda and Post-trial Briefs

  • learn how to prepare pleadings (petition and reply briefs)
  • learn how to conduct legal research
  • learn how to develop opposing arguments with supporting rules of law (sustain a burden of proof)
  • learn how to write stipulations, motions, memoranda and post-trial briefs
Mock Trials for U.S. Tax Court Practice
  • learn pre-trial, trial and post-trial practice

For further information, please write to or call 1.888.317.4489.

Call us at 1.888.317.4489
For more information about our conferences, programs, ABA law school tax certification, forums and admissions criteria, write to or telephone 1.888.317.4489. We offer scholarship assistance to high school seniors and college students who demonstrate an interest in preparing for a career as a Tax Preparer, IRS Special Enrolled Agent, or United States Tax Court Practitioner.
We also provide financial assistance to those preparing to be CPAs who have an interest in federal tax practice or practice before the U.S. Tax Court as United States Tax Court Practitioners. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities available at the Tax Law Institute. We offer liberal payment plans and many scholastic opportunities.